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Camp Mustelid can table at markets, fairs, pop-up's, and conventions large and small! We have a wide variety of products that allow us to assemble our space in a way that perfectly accommodates the event, bringing the camping spirit with us in an inviting and engaging way. We have a unique twist on the goodies we sell, where customers can earn badges for buying certain items, which adds a fun collectible aspect to your average shop! We’ve been tabling at events since 2021 and very much enjoy doing so, we take pride in piecing together an experience that is professional and friendly so that anyone who visits us can feel the personal touch of our small business. Learn more on our About Us page!


You can expect the Camp Mustelid table at any event to look and feel like a small nature center has opened up in the venue space! At the largest conventions where we have assembled our table, we have had almost every inch of our setup adorned with everything from stickers and stationary items to sweaters and plushies. While we plan to expand the scale and personality of our table in the future, we do not require a big space to make a big impression, We have just as much fun setting our little nature center up in small convention spaces and events, and enjoy how much more personal such experiences can be with our customers.


We offer products with a focus on nature inspired apparel and artwork! Some of our best selling items include shirts, knit hats, bandanas, patches, and more. You can find the full list of our current products in our shop, or peruse some of our examples in the gallery below! We're always cooking up new and exciting things, so our shop is always cycling through fresh new goodies.


Thank you so much for considering Camp Mustelid for your convention! We're looking forward to having the opportunity to work with you!

Bird & Marc

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