Camp Mustelid opened its online presence on November 5th, 2019. It was a project lovingly pieced together by Kaelin "Bird" Warde and myself, Marc Mendes. We're two nature-loving Illustrators/Cartoonists that met while studying at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. When we graduated SVA restarted living with Bird's family for a few months while we tried to figure out our careers. Bird was working part-time at a local nature center along with selling commissions and art merchandise. I was doing internships at animation studios and also working at another nature center. I got the general idea for Camp Mustelid when Bird designed a car magnet that would become what you see as the Stoatuam Badge. The design read "Camp Mustelid" just as a cute and otherwise meaningless quip, but when Bird showed it to me, the ideas came pouring in. Fast forward a little over a year later and Camp Mustelid has enabled us to move out, given us independence as artists, and acted as a support system that we couldn't be more thankful for.

We adore camping on unconventional/family-owned campsites,  watching lots of birds, hiking trails, and everything the great outdoors has to offer. We're arguably most obsessed with birds. They're our everything, and we've invested a lot of time and energy in finding them, setting up the perfect backyard habitat for them, and contributing as best we can to their conservation.

We are the proud parents of three terrible children: Poppy, our lynx-point siamese cat, and Snuff & Moo, our two ferrets.


↟ Camping 

Our experiences while camping are definitely our strongest sources of inspiration. We don't enjoy conventional campsites. Instead, we have camped on farms, in people's back yards, and other obscure places in the woods! 

↟ Working at Nature Centers 

↟ Traveling 

We're lovers of travel and some of the places we've journeyed to have had a strong impact on our storytelling and artistic visualizations. Some noteworthy experiences came from visiting redwood forests in California, birdwatching Puffins and Loons in Maine, walking through the Hall of Mosses in Olympia Washington, and staying with extended family in Ireland. "Cassan" is a real park we hiked through in Ireland, and places on the map like the Sugarhouse, Outdoor Kitchen, and Birdsacre are based entirely on real places we've visited over the years.

↟ Nature