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Camp Mustelid opened its online presence on November 5th, 2019. It was a project lovingly pieced together by Kaelin "Bird" Warde and Marc Mendes, two nature-loving Illustrators/Cartoonists that met while studying at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. The general idea for Camp Mustelid came when Bird designed a car magnet that would become what you see as the Stoatuam Badge. The design read "Camp Mustelid" just as a cute and otherwise meaningless quip, but when the design was finished, ideas came pouring in. The concept started out simple; create designs that focused around a made-up camp. Quickly, a much more detailed project unfolded and Camp Mustelid took on a massive personality as more and more art and writing was put into it. 


Since its opening, Camp Mustelid has been designing nature-inspired apparel and accessories from stickers to hoodies, and has grown into a full-time commitment to providing shoppers with products that truly reflect a naturalist's admiration of the great outdoors. As the brand continues to expand, we have goals to create more content, more products, and bigger events. We hope those who enjoy this little idea are as excited as our team is to see what's next!



The underlying goal of our company is to provide everyday people with the enthusiasm to appreciate the great outdoors! We make a point to cultivate curiosity with our content so that those who engage with it find a desire to connect with the nature that has inspired it. We hope that the love we put into creating our designs generates a positive acknowledgement that the wilderness is cool, cute, fascinating, and definitely worthy of protecting.

We also want to provide all already-avid naturalists with products that express their interests in fun new ways that are unique and hard to find elsewhere. Anyone with a passion for anything "outdoors" from birds to rocks is a welcome member of Camp Mustelid's intended audience, and we are excited to bring those interests to life in our clothing, accessories, stationary, and home goods.


Camp Mustelid takes pride in working with organizations and community members that help give back to the environment, spread awareness, and contribute to admirable movements. While we are always planning our next cause to offer our help to, if you are an organization leader and would like to reach out to us, please contact us with your proposal for consideration!

So far, Camp Mustelid has created designs to help Honor the Earth during their campaign to help Stop Line 3, Bonfire in their effort to provide relief to community members in Hawaii, and the Stop AAPI Hate movement by generating donations with exclusive products. We have also generated funds using specific goods in our own shop, such as our Olympic Peninsula print that donates all proceeds to the Makah community, and our Black-footed Ferret patch that contributed funds to conservation efforts for the endangered species that inspired it.



In the digital age, we sometimes forget to connect with the outside world and can easily forget that it's even there. The intention behind Camp Mustelid's fictional identity is to help find a creative solution to this common conundrum. Using a bit of storytelling and artwork, we wanted to create an approachable and engaging bridge between what a person can experience online and what they may find out in the real world. Almost every piece of Camp Mustelid's fiction is based in something real. Take a tour around our world and discover for yourself the little wonders of Camp Mustelid and all of the nooks and crannies created to inspire you to step out for a hike! Maybe even try your hand at becoming a "Badger" and collecting all of the Camp Mustelid merit badges, or visit our handbook page and do some light reading about some of the things we love about the great outdoors.

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