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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I received an email stating that my order has been shipped, but when I check the tracking number it only says that the label has been printed or I see no updates at all. What is going on?

A: Don't be alarmed! This happens regularly. When we begin order assembly, we print the labels in bulk FIRST, then begin the packaging process. However, the moment our team prints your label is when you receive an automatic email that says (inaccurately) that your package has shipped. We're unable to edit this message and realize the confusion it causes. Be assured, our fulfillment team is hard at work packaging your order, just keep in mind that when we get a large influx of orders it takes time to package them all. As such, when you get this aforementioned email but notice a lack of updates from the postal service, your package is definitely on its way, our team just needs to get to its place in the group of labels for assembly and then put it out for delivery. This has occasionally taken over 8 days due to large order quantities.

ALTERNATIVELY: The postal service occasionally (we’ve noticed this more frequently lately) neglects to update tracking information altogether. This may make your package appear like it hasn’t moved when, in fact, it is on its way. There is unfortunately nothing we can do on our end to amend this particular situation as it is entirely the jurisdiction of the postal service. A general rule of thumb is that, unless you live outside the United States, once your label has been printed it should only take 2-4 weeks to arrive unless it includes a pre-order item.

Q: My order failed to be delivered to its destination. What do I do?

A: Typically when this happens the postal service will bounce the package back to our shipping office. Once it arrives, our shipping team will send you an email notifying you that they have received it back. They will discuss with you over email how to re-send the package. Unfortunately, if your package fails to be delivered, this is most likely a problem that either the postal service encountered with your provided address or when delivering it to your person. As such, we will need to ask you to pay a second time for shipping so that compensation is properly issued for the problem to be amended. 

Q: My order is in another country for some reason?

A: This happens! As strange as it may seem, we have had packages traveling to a destination in Canada that bounce their way through Europe and Asia before eventually arriving. Don't worry, it is just the result of a complex web of shipping routes. If the address is correct on your order, it will most likely arrive.

Q: My order arrived damaged, what can I do?

A: If you receive a product that has been damaged on its way to you then please email us at! The solutions here are entirely situational and we will do our best to find a compromise! Simply send us photographs and communicate with us, we will assist you as best we can!

Q: Something I bought doesn’t fit me, can I exchange it for a different size?

A: Due to the nature of having very limited stock for our small business we are unable to accommodate exchanges. That being said, you may always return your item for a refund on the price of the item involved. (Some items are not eligible for return due to COVID-19 or general sanitary safety) Please notify us by email at, or through our contact form,​ if this is what you wish to do and we will issue your refund once the return has arrived back at our office. Please be aware that in order for a return to be finalized the item must arrive in a condition that is suitable for resale.

Q: I need a sizing chart in order to make a purchase for apparel, where can I find one?

A: We do our best to always include sizing information for our apparel products, please be sure to scroll through all included images and carefully read all the information on each listing before making your purchase!

Q: Will restocks of my favorite items ever occur? If so, when?

A: Most likely! We do our best to supply what is demanded, however, there are occasions where designs are not revisited for future products. We highly recommend that if there is something we make, that you really love, to take advantage of the opportunity and grab it while it exists. Otherwise, be sure to leave us a comment on social media letting us know what design you would like us to revisit as we will be more inclined to do so if we see lots of people ask for it!

Q: I received a notice from my postal service that I need to pay an additional customs payment in order to receive my package, can you compensate me for this payment? Why isn’t this included in the shipping charge during checkout?

A: Unfortunately, if you are ordering internationally, your home country may ask you to pay a customs fee, the price of which may vary. It is actually illegal for us to charge you this sum, and as a result of that legality, we are not even made aware of how much the customs bill (if one is issued) will amount to. The price we charge you on the “shipping” portion of your bill in our shop checkout (along with handling and materials used for packaging) covers the price the United States postal service charges us to have the package sent on an international destination route and ultimately arrive in the country written in the delivery address. It still must pass through customs in the aforementioned country in order to get to you. It is your obligation to pay this bill in order to receive your package. Please be advised: if there is a failure to pay any customs bill appointed to you, we will have no choice but to label the package involved as discarded.

Q: My package has been stolen, can you provide me a refund or send me another one?

A: In the unusual event that a package is stolen in some way, we are unable to accommodate re-sending or refunds. We are powerless to help prevent such occasions, and usually so is the postal service. If you have reason to believe a theft of your personal property has occurred, we are obligated to advise that you report it to your local law enforcement or use other community resources to help track stolen property down. Also, be very sure to check with the post office as to whether or not they have more information first. We are only a small business, and cannot hold ourselves responsible for the actions of thieves, whether that be in depleting our stock by sending another package or issuing a refund.

Q: My pre-order item is taking a long time to arrive, when should I expect it?

A: All of our pre-orders are items that are made to order. What that means is that the item you have purchased in a pre-order needs to undergo the manufacturing process before it can be sent to our shipping office, and then be packaged and shipped to your door. This process usually has a time frame that we provide on every pre-order listing. Some items take much longer to manufacture than others. Please reference the listings.

Q: I had items in my order that were not for pre-order, why haven’t they arrived separately?

A: Unfortunately we can only accommodate one payment for shipping at a time. We wish we could have “smart” payment systems that would be able to charge you differently for different situations, but that is not a feature provided to us by our storefront website. If you wish to make an order of a regular shop item along with a purchase of a pre-order item but would like the regular items to arrive sooner, we recommend that you make two separate orders. This will allow our team to package and send your order of any regular shop items that are already in stock, and the package itself will arrive to you independently of the pre-order item’s manufacturing time.


Q: My package has not moved from one place on its journey in a very long time according to the tracking. What can I do?

A: We refer to this as “package limbo”, and it most commonly occurs in international orders as packages go through customs. It is inconvenient but normal. Have patience, your package will still most likely arrive. This may also happen domestically in the US as the result of shipping route loops that the postal service has to navigate. Unless you notice that the package has returned to our shipping office in Everett WA, or have received a notification detailing that something unexpected has happened to it in some way, don't be alarmed.


Q: My order has been lost, what do I do?

A: If you have a reason to believe that your package has been lost, we highly recommend filing a claim with your postal service. The postal service is the best way to find your package in the event that it is lost, and you will be the one best equipped to correspond with them. Unfortunately, we have no control over what happens to a package once it has left our office for delivery, that is entirely the responsibility and control of the postal service. Additionally, we are unable to accommodate refunds for lost orders as there is no way to confirm a situation in which a package will definitely not arrive or hasn't arrived already.

Q: I received the wrong item in my package or am missing something I ordered, what do I do?

A: We have to apologize for this kind of inconvenience but these things do happen, our shipping crew is small and things slip through the cracks. In the unlikely event that this happens, please feel free to contact our shipping team at and we will amend the mistake. We may have you return the item that was incorrectly sent, in which case we will compensate you for the return shipping. In the event that we no longer have stock of the item involved, you will be refunded the price of the item you originally paid for.

Q: I need to cancel my order, is this possible?

A: Order cancelations are always possible as long as your package has not already been sent out for delivery. Simply email us about the cancellation at or through our contact form.

Q: What does it mean when a package has been labeled "discarded"?

A: In the most literal sense of the word, a "discarded" package is one that has been neglected in such a way by the customer on the receiving end that we are forced to identify it as having been forgotten or ostensibly thrown away. For one reason or another, we have had occasions where customers have simply not responded to our emails or notifications from the post office while a collective effort was being made to deliver a package. A large amount of time is provided to a customer before a package is identified as discarded, but in the event that this happens, the customer retroactively forfeits any guarantee that their order will complete delivery. In some situations, a partial refund may be afforded, but correspondence will be needed over email.

Q: Do you ship to my home country? How about to a business or other non-residential addresses?

A: We ship almost everywhere with some restrictions to countries like the United Kingdom that have some strong import rulings. It is unlikely that we won’t ship to the address you provide, even if it is not your residential home address. That being said, you must provide a valid address to a place where you will actually be capable of receiving your package, as some packages need to be signed for or issued a customs fee, etc. If you do not keep track of these sorts of delivery steps, or if you provide an inaccurate/unreliable address, the package may bounce back to our shipping office (in the United States) or get caught in a kind of confused postal-limbo that has thus far been conducive to orders getting lost. If the package is returned to us, you will have to pay shipping a second time. Additionally, you must provide an address that fits traditional shipping information formatting: Name, Building Number + Street Name, Apartment Number or PO Box if necessary, City, State/Province, ZIP code, Country. You must also provide this information in a streamlined fashion with 40 characters maximum. If there are any problems with the address you provide that we can spot while creating your shipping label, we will email you! 

Q: Can I contact artists through Camp Mustelid for commissions or business inquiries? 

A: Yes, but it is best to reach out to our artists directly through social media or their professional email accounts.

Q: Does Camp Mustelid plan on tabling at events or conventions? Do you have a schedule? 

A: We do occasionally table at conventions, but we currently do not plan a con-circuit schedule of any kind. Please be sure to keep an eye on our social media or newsletter if you'd like to catch any announcements for tablings at events! 

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