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↟ BIRD ↟

Co-Founder, Badgekeeper

Director Bird is Camp Mustelid's head administrator and Badgekeeper. This means that in addition to developing activities for our campers, Bird is also in charge of the creation of badges and the process of bestowing them onto campers whenever they are earned. Bird also prides themself in leading the Art Club and getting campers together to draw/craft. Outside of those duties, they also enjoy walking around the campsite to check up on campers and the local wildlife. There are some stories of Bird being seen having full-blown conversations with weasels and crawling into small dens where they live. You know, normal camp director stuff.

"Should I eat this moss? I'm gonna eat this moss." 

-Director Bird


↟ MEL ↟

Co-Founder, Head Groundskeeper

Director Mel is Camp Mustelid's chief groundskeeper and is responsible for maintaining and expanding the campsite. Mel has overseen every physical development on the grounds and is tasked with making sure that Camp Mustelid is always in tip-top shape. He also does little things like keeping the Stoatuam nice and tidy so that it doesn't get that old-wood look that makes it look creepy, and teaching campfire cooking lessons for the Cooking Club. Mel can most often be found on trails in the neighboring woods, and has been mistaken for Big Foot on multiple occasions.

"I planted that tree... and that one... and that one." 

-Director Mel



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