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During certain openings, Camp Mustelid offers artist apprenticeships where anyone seeking to learn from our personal experience running a creative business can spend some extended time with us. We will walk you through how we have grown so far, the things we have learned along the way, and any/all tips for developing a shopfront that you can use to promote your artwork in the digital age. You will also have the opportunity to work on Camp Mustelid projects and help us develop ideas for potential products lines.

This internship is partly paid! In the event that any conceptual work for Camp Mustelid is put into official production, all interns will be compensated for their work on that project.

Only available for in-person meetings.



Assignments or activities any interns should expect to be responsible for are generally (but not limited to) the following:

  • Creating concepts or finalizations of promotional advertising for Camp Mustelid’s shop and website.

  • Creating mock-ups for new badge designs and related descriptions of their associated story.

  • Creating mock-ups for potential shop products based on nature, active projects, and market research.

  • Assisting with website improvements such as writing, formatting, and organization.

  • Assisting with photography or videography for products or other forms of promotional work.

  • Flat coloring of the larger Camp Mustelid map.

  • Art subscription research for Patreon.

Please note:

These assignments are mainly meant to occupy required hours for an internship to qualify for school credit and are otherwise optional to interns who aren't in need of said credit. Only should your school require this additional workload will we monitor its completion. Some of this work will also qualify for intern compensation.




"I've had an amazing time interning with Camp Mustelid this summer! I've been able to grow creatively and find direction in my professional practice. Marc and Bird have given guidance not only for my work with them, but everything I do beyond this internship. I'm so grateful to have had this opportunity!"


Ellie worked with us on our Fair of the Fungi and Cozy Cabin collections that both began their debut in the fall of 2023. Quite a few of Ellie's conceptual designs were put into official production, setting a memorable example of what Camp Mustelid can accomplish with the creative perspective of our interns.

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