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Welcome to the badge compendium! Camp Mustelid awards real, physical merit badges to campers who patronize our shop, participate in activities or contests, come to events, and donate to good causes! Every badge is special and has its own meaning and story, so have fun clicking around this page to find out what's out there! 


If you want to try your hand at collecting them all, there are a couple of things to remember: badges have varying levels of rarity, meaning that some are harder to get a hold of than others. Some badges are exclusive to contest or giveaway winners, others are only made available for a limited time or at specific events like conventions. The easier ones to add to your scout sash come with shop orders! 

So there's a bit of a game to play! Part of tracking down every badge is to stay vigilant, keep track of when new ones are made, and follow the instructions on how they can be obtained! (The Camp Mustelid Newsletter is usually the BEST way to stay on top of things)



I'm confused... how exactly do I earn badges?

That's all right! Let us clarify; it’s easiest to think of badges as prizes! If you do anything to earn a badge, you will receive that real, physical badge in the mail! There are a variety of ways this can happen, and we encourage you to click on each badge icon to learn how they are earned! Most badges are entirely free and come pre-packaged with a shop order! Some badges can also be bought on their own, like the Stoatuam Badge or the Birding Society Badge. If you earn a badge in a non-shop-based fashion (like during contests), then you will be sent all the information/instructions you need to follow in order to receive it! 

Can I get badges in ways not described on this page?

Yes! You may be lucky enough to receive a Wildcard-Pick! Which are badges that will be sent out at random times to random patrons of our shop. Wildcards can be any of the badges listed above with the exception of those earned through contests or donations.

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