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Howdy Campers!

We hope you're ready for some exciting news because DROP GOES THE WEASEL is HERE!

This is Camp Mustelid’s first EVER shop drop and we have a whopping 15 ALL-NEW ITEMS coming your way, along with 12 NEW BADGES!

Now, we know that’s probably a lot to take in all at once, so let's go through it slowly.



Elusive Marten embroidered patch: This 5 inch embroidered patch makes an excellent piece for any mustelid fan! It comes with an iron-on backing, but we recommend sewing on your patches for the best security!


Folk Marten embroidered patch: This folk art inspired marten patch is 4.5 inches and makes a lovely addition to coats, bags, shirts, and more! It also comes with an iron on backing.

- 2 (and a half) NEW HATS -

Salmon *standard* Knit Hat: These stretchy and cozy fitted knit hats are great for keeping your ears warm, or protecting you from bad hair days!

Featuring a friendly sockeye salmon embroidered on the front!

Salmon *fitted* Knit Hat: These are just like the other Salmon Hat but are meant to be worn in a folded style. They best fit smaller heads or to be worn as skull caps! Great for when you want to wear a hat but still show off some cool earrings!

BOTH versions of the Salmon Hat come with the new Salmon Run Badge (#016)!


Predator x Prey Hat: This washed fabric style baseball cap features 2 animals that play a key role in keeping our ecosystems balanced! Adjustable back strap and one size fits most.

This hat comes with the new Keystone Species Badge (#017)!


Folk Wolf Socks: Keep your feet warm with this folky little wolf pack! These socks are made from cotton and are one size fits most!


Folk Wolf Masks: Stay safe and fashionable with our new folk-inspired wolf masks! Featuring adjustable ear straps, adjustable nose wire, and filter pocket (filters not included). Although they have adjustable straps, these masks are on the smaller side, so keep that in mind when ordering!


Taxonomy Tote bag: These thick canvas 15" x 14" tote bags are perfect for groceries, books, farmer's markets, and more! Featuring a taxonomy-style nature illustration!

This tote comes with the "Taxonomist" camp mustelid badge! (#020)


Boreal Tote bag: Same as the Taxonomy tote! Except this one features an illustration inspired by the many wonders of boreal forests. Printed in pine green ink on a golden yellow bag.

This tote comes with the "cone connoisseur" camp mustelid badge! (#019)


Heraldic Beasts Sticker Set: These royal creatures will guard whatever you place them on!

This set of two 3x4 stickers feature a ring-necked pheasant cockatrice and a kestrel griffin!


Mustelid sticker Grab-Bag #1: 3 lovely mustelid-themed stickers to adorn your things! Including a pine marten, musty mustelid, backpack buddy sticker!


Mustelid sticker Grab-Bag #2: A combo of 3 lovely mustelid vinyl stickers! Including a honeycomb marten (new), mushroom weasel, and screamy marten sticker!


Bird of Prey sticker Grab-Bag: A 3-piece collection of our bird of prey stickers! Including a kestrel, blocking out the haters, and osprey sticker (new)!


Shiny Beasts sticker Grab-Bag: A mix of 3 of our shiniest 3" mythological beasts! Including a black shuck (new), leaf litter critter, and wolpertinger sticker!


GREEN Pheasant shirt: These shirts are a deep pine-green 100% cotton with a yellow silkscreened ink image. Sizes are S - 3XL (unisex) This limited edition green version is in very limited stock and may not return to our shop in the future!

This shirt comes with the "feather collector" camp mustelid badge! (#010)


Garden Society Badge pack: A new CM badge pack featuring 3 NEW badges! The Garden Society Badge (#011), Green Thumb Badge (#012), and Plant Partner Badge (#013)


Wilderness Bandana: This lovely, deep pine-green 22x22 inch bandana makes a great accessory for your woodsy outfits or as wall decor! This item comes with the new Mountaineer Badge (#018)!


Pine Marten Button Set: A pair of marten adorned 1.75-inch handmade buttons!

DROP GOES THE WEASEL Exclusive Pack: A special something to celebrate Camp Mustelid's first-ever shop drop! Which is appropriately titled "Drop Goes the Weasel"! This pack is extremely limited making it very rare! While some of the items are available on their own, this pack is the only way to get our new "Homegrower" badge (#021), and CM's first very rare badge, "Wild Call" (#022). This pack includes: the Wilderness Bandana, Folk Wolf Socks, Salmon Hat (standard fit), Elusive Marten Patch, Homegrower Badge, all badges with badge eligible items in the pack, the Very Rare Wild Call badge and the exclusive info card that comes with it! Will you be one of the lucky campers to grab this pack and experience the ghastly call of the Lone Loon?


Intermediate Camper Pack: An all-new pack has just dropped! Say hello to the intermediate camper pack, one step up from our beginner camper pack! This set includes a ton of new goodies: exclusive mustelids of CM 5.5" x 8" print, 4 exclusive CM themed stickers, our marten button set, our CM iron-on camper patch, the NEW maple maker badge (#014), and NEW campfire chef badge (#015)

We hope you're as excited as we are! Head over to the shop now while everything is still available!

Happy camping!


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